Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Finished Product

Well, it's been awhile since I've been on here.  Don't know why, just busy I guess.  I went back to work full time so that doesn't leave me much time to play.  Between working, an ADHD kid, taking care of a big house, well, sometimes I feel like I'm going to go Loony Tunes.  I was also somewhat intimidated by everyone's amazing decorating talent and photography that I guess I was feeling, well, intimidated.  So guess what, I decided that it just doesn't matter.  I'm not the best photographer or writer for that matter so I'm just going to be me and let it!!

So lets see what happened to that dining room we started to remodel last March.  You're not going to believe this one....yes, it's finally finished.... 

......and the furniture is in.   Now, please understand that this room was NOT done on one of my thrifty budgets, so therefore I will have to keep this furniture for the rest of my life :))

The furniture was purchased from Ethan Allen and the........

........mercury glass is courtesy of Pottery Barn.

We kept the old buffet and server since they matched the mahogany of the new furniture and quite honestly, I couldn't afford to replace those pieces and I love my buffet!

The buffet lamps I had and the mirror is an Uttermost, but I shopped around and did get a good deal on this one. 

So here we have it.  All done for now!

You can click here to see what this room used to look like.

Thanks so much for stopping by. It's really great to be posting again and I hope I can keep up with all of you amazingly talented bloggers.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's Finally Finished! 

And we are so happy with the results.  It has added so much elegance to the room....and the new wall color is the crowning jewel.  WARNING, there are a lot of pictures!

I've put together a tutorial that I hope is somewhat easy to follow.  When building wainscot, we built the frames and installed it as one piece instead of adding each piece separately.  By doing it this way, the joints are much smoother and even.  

The first step was to measure all of the walls to determine how big each box would be.  We used 1x4 pre-primed wood for the frames. 

To join each piece, we used a pocket hole joiner to put the frame together.

After the frame is screwed together I got the palm sander and sanded the joints to make sure that everything was completely smooth.  

This is one frame that has been nailed to the wall after being built and sanded.  

Don't forget to use your leveler.

Picture of another wall with the framing up.

  As you can see, I had a problem with the original wall paint.  When we were ripping down the old chair rail the paint decided to peel off with it.  I was literally ripping the paint off in sheets.  Don't really know why this happened but I had to spackel and sand about 8" above where the original chair rail was.  This did not make me happy since I am not a fan of spackling.  

After the frame went up it was time for the new chair rail to be installed.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this part. This is a two piece chair rail.  You can get a better idea of what it looks like in the next picture.  

After the chair rail went up, we installed the trim inside the boxes.  This adds some nice extra detail.  I've also started priming since I was starting to loose my patience at this point and wanted it to be done already.

After the inside trim was installed, the base moulding and quarter round or shoe moulding were installed.  

After is was all done being installed I got the caulk gun out and caulked away.  I painted it the same color to match all of the trim in our home, BM semi gloss white.  Tools we used for this project were miter saw, nail gun and compressor, leveler, pocket hole joiner and hand sander.  

So, what do you think?  Now all I need is for the furniture to come in and I can't wait for that!

Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is it Spring Yet?

Can you believe this gorgeous weather.  My thermometer hit almost 80 here in central New Jersey today.  Oh how I wanted to go out and play in my garden.  And yes, things are starting to sprout around here!

I think I'll go Pansy shopping tomorrow!

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In With The New.....

So what have I been doing........PAINTING!  The living and dining room...and I'm happy with my choice this time.  Don't tell my husband,  but I'm seriously tired of painting this room.  He doesn't seem to understand the reason why I have painted these rooms five times in 101/2 years.  My mom tells me that I'm not supposed to do that, why, I ask her.  They say it's not good for the walls.  But mom, "who is they"?.....  which she can not come up with an answer to.  Honestly, I'm really praying that this is the right color.......finally.  This is one of the reasons I enjoy blogging......everyone on here understands why I keep painting the rooms in my home!

The color I chose is BM Shaker Beige....a very nice neutral color which goes with everything. It actually looks like the color of burlap.  Let me know what you think!  It's a little darker than I wanted but looks gorgeous when the sun is shining in the room.  Actually, since the room does get minimal sunlight everything looks dark so I just need to accept that.

I know, you must be tired of this china closet by now but I wanted to show off the new wall color.  

       Walls with new color BM Shaker Beige.       Old color lighter and more yellow.

This is a better idea of what the new color looks like. Since there is much more wall space in the dining room I'm able to take better pictures.  No, the wainscot is not done yet.  Mike's been in India on business so he'll finish it up when he gets home.

So, where did I move the smaller hutch that was originally in the living room.....The Office!  Love it in this room but obviously the wall color needs to be changed.  The wood tone clashes with the walls.  Since I am going for a lighter look in my home these days, it's time to change the color anyway.

For obvious reasons I moved this piece into the office.  Couldn't really look at circa "1960's dorm room" any longer.  The office is the one room in the house that is still filled with furniture from here, there and everywhere.  I think that I'll look for a small farm table this summer to turn it into a nicer desk.  You can see the corner of the desk in the second picture....yes, "circa 1970's formica"....UGLY!

So, I think this is enough moving furniture around for awhile.  I can't wait for the big reveal of the dining room which should be within the next few weeks.  

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!